Ed Sheeran is coming back with new music this week, so here is the video that made me fall in love with him.

2017 is already off to a good start.

Anyone who knows me well knows that Ed Sheeran is my favorite. Period. End of story. His albums are always, and will always be, at the top my list of my all-time favorites, and I truly never get sick of listening to them. Yesterday on New Year’s Day, Ed announced that he was releasing new music this Friday. Today he shared this.


While this could still mean he is only releasing one song, which was my original assumption,  it also seems like it could be a complete album release. “÷” is likely the name of his album, following his debut “+,” and sophomore album “x.” So, he could be saying that “÷” is coming in full this Friday, or perhaps just one song to start the next chapter. Regardless of the cryptic messaging,  I am so excited and I’m going to be happy with whatever gets released, because I have been waiting for this announcement.


I was listening to my Ed Sheeran music library this morning after reading the tweet (to prep myself for the new album, of course) and it made me think of when I first discovered/fell in love with him as an artist. I was up really late on my laptop one night while I was still in high school when I stumbled across this video of Ed performing his song “Kiss Me.” It quickly became one of my favorite songs and Ed became my favorite artist. And although I’ve seen countless videos of him singing this song, and plenty of other songs– this one is still my undeniable favorite after almost five years.

So, in honor of new Ed Sheeran music coming this week, I give you the video that started it all (for me, at least). Happy listening! And Happy New Year!


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