Alfred Tea Room: LA’s Most Instagram-able Tea Shop


If you’ve ever seen a social media post about Alfred Tea Room, you already know that it is probably the cutest, pink-est little cafe you’ve ever seen.

I have been meaning to visit all semester, but finally just got around to it and I absolutely loved it. It’s super cute inside and outside with the pale, ballerina-pink color scheme, and gold color and floral accents. If I could have designed a cafe in my head, it probably would look something like that.

Everything from the tea cups to the tea related puns written on the wall beg to be photographed for an Instagram, which is why the place is so popular to begin with. It’s tucked away off of Melrose, which also automatically gave it a cool factor.

My chai latte was great, which I’m normally very picky about, and I had a really nice morning there. Just be aware- the name holds true and you can only get tea there. So if you’re more of a coffee person, I’d recommend going to Alfred Coffee, which is pretty much just across the street (but not as beautiful). But if you are a tea person, there’s so many different drinks to choose from I think it will be hard to be disappointed.



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