Once a fangirl, always a fangirl: Finding Niall’s Billboard at Capitol Records

This is sort of a two-part blog post: (1)  My official review of Niall Horan’s first solo song, AND (2) the story of trying to find his billboard in Hollywood.

On Wednesday night this past week, there were so many rumors and deleted tweets and screenshots of people trying to prove that there was a solo Niall song coming out on Thursday. So much conversation was happening, that Niall’s unreleased, unconfirmed song was trending worldwide on Twitter (#ThisTown).

After reading through all of the speculation, I was completely on board with the conspiracies and I was so thrilled to see that Niall had actually dropped the song on Thursday morning.

I genuinely love “This Town” and I was really nervous I was going to hate it (Niall had written Summer Love for 1D, which I’m not the biggest fan of). The reason I love it so much is because it’s a song that I know I would like regardless of who the artist is. I’m a big fan of Vance Joy/Ed Sheeran-esque songs and I think “This Town” fits into that genre. It’s folky, I love the story of the lyrics and I think Niall sounds incredible on it. I felt like such a proud fan for the smooth and grown up transition he had made musically.

Which is why when I saw on Instagram that Capitol Records had put up a Niall billboard, I knew I HAD to see it. It was supposedly on the back side of the Capitol Records Tower, which is right in my neck of the woods.


The only problem is we literally couldn’t find the billboard/had problems getting to it. We were in the general area on Friday night and tried to walk around the Capitol Tower to see the billboard, but a bunch of construction blocked the sidewalk and we couldn’t get around it. Since it was already super late we decided just to head home instead of walking all the way back around the building the other way.

Yesterday we were going to try to find it again, but ended up being too tired after a morning of volunteer work. We didn’t want to bother with wandering around Hollywood Blvd/Vine without any specific information on where the billboard was. So, we went home to rest and I scoured social media posts to figure out exactly where it was and how to get to it.

Today we set out on a walk SPECIFICALLY to find the billboard, and were able to find it with no problems. It really was right behind the Capitol Records tower, and if the construction wasn’t there, we would have found it easily on Friday night. We were literally just around the corner!

But I’m glad we got to see it today when we did. The sun was starting to set and they turned on the billboard lights as we were standing there looking at it.


This isn’t the coolest or most adventurous LA outing, but it’s something I really enjoyed nonetheless. If I was still in Boston, I would have looked at the photo of the billboard and wished I could’ve seen it in person, and now that I’m here I had the opportunity to. And, I’m a huge geeky One Direction fangirl and that will literally never change. So all that being said, there was no better way for me to spend my Sunday evening. xo