LA County Fair Adventure


Yesterday, we decided to go to the LA County Fair, which I was SO happy about! It has been running for pretty much all of September, and I have really wanted to go for the whole month but it never seemed to work out. This was the last weekend the fair was going to be open, so it was sort of a “now or never” situation. And despite the fact that it was nearly 100 degrees (and I was sweating all day), I had a great time!

We decided we were going to do rides right when we got to the fair (because we didn’t want to get sick after eating all the food), and my favorite ride was definitely one called G-Force, which is basically an adaptation of the classic “Pirate Ship” type of ride, except you are spinning while you swing back and forth. It was actually a lot scarier than I thought it was going to be, but I love that feeling when your stomach drops as you swing down from super high up!


I had originally gone into the day super ambitious, wanting to eat so many different fried foods, but the heat definitely got the better of me and kind of ruined my appetite. I was able to get some really yummy garlic fries (with which I downed multiple bottles of water), and then all I wanted after that was a vanilla soft serve- for some reason I think that the soft serve at fairs and carnivals tastes the best.

I had to eat my ice cream super fast because it immediately started melting and losing sprinkles, but it was so refreshing at the end of a long, hot day.



We all tried to play some of those classic, impossible, carnival games, which we obviously didn’t win. Watching people try to play the ring toss was crazy because I’ve still never seen someone get a ring over a bottle, even though it always looks so close!

I did play the ballon popping game like I used to when I was a kid, but I was even horrible at that game and just got a little tiny stuffed fish. But, it’s cute so who cares, right?


I hadn’t been to any type of fair in so many years, but I’m so glad we were able to get a group of people to go this weekend. There’s something that I find so fun about just walking around and people watching, plus it’s always great if you’re ready to eat some food that is very, very bad for you.

I will say, however, that I am very much missing the New England fall weather at this point. I wouldn’t have been so hot on a late September afternoon in Boston! But I guess it’s all just part of the LA experience.


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