Bastille on Jimmy Kimmel & Fan Event

This week, we really took advantage of our new (temporary) home in Hollywood and got some free tickets to a Bastille concert taping at Jimmy Kimmel. As a Bastille fan, I was super excited to get to see the band live- I’ve always missed out on them when they were in my city, so it really felt like a long time coming.5.jpg

Going to a taping is something that I knew I wanted to do during my semester in LA, and the fact that we found such a perfect one so quickly felt like serendipity! It was really interesting to watch the setup of a taping and see how everything works from engaging the fans to watching Kimmel come out to introduce the band.


Bastille performed a total of 5 songs, 3 from their new album “Wild World” and 2 old songs, including their huge hit “Pompeii.” We weren’t allowed to use our phones during the 1st two performances, because those are the ones they would likely use for the actual TV show, but for the last few performances I was able to snap some pictures.


At the end of their set, the band told the crowd about a fan event that they were hosting around the corner in celebration of their new album, which we decided we were going to check out. We got to the event site relatively quickly, but the line behind us ended up winding all the way around the corner with the huge number of people who showed!

We waited in line to get into the event for around an hour and a half, and almost left because it was taking so long to get in and we were exhausted, but we stuck it out when the line started to pick up.

The fan event, called WW Comms, was a sort of performance art experience that connected with concepts of the band’s new album. We got to walk through the building and see different stations set up, one of them being the band behind a class pane with the words “I Want To Be Free” on it. It was a little creepy, but definitely cool.


My biggest complaint about the event is that it took us so long to get in, and then we were really rushed through it. It looked like the event staff really let the first waves of fans linger within the event. So by the time we were allowed in, they were really rushing us through because they were running out of time. I didn’t get to look at everything for as long as I would have liked to, but I’m overall glad that I went. I just think it could have been run a little better.


We did get this cute picture taken before we left, though. And I was able to buy a signed copy of the vinyl of the new album– so with all things considered it was a positive experience.

I have exactly 3 months until I have to move out of my LA dorm room and I’m so excited to see what adventures I’ll have until then.


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