Busy Bee Restaurant- Brookline, MA


Last week, when I broke our apartment’s coffee pot (oops), we went to the hardware store to get a replacement pot and saw that there was a little diner nearby. There wasn’t enough time on that day to sit down and have a meal, but this week we came back and had breakfast.

Busy Bee Restaurant is a traditionally-styled diner with those turquoise-green booths and stools to sit at the counters. Located off the C Branch of the Green Line, on the St. Mary’s Street stop, Busy Bee was so delicious, and a perfect spot for a college student on a budget. I had eggs, toast and home fries, and it was that perfect, hardy diner food that you tend to crave. They had all the basic breakfast foods, and also featured a lunch menu, which looked just as good. I’m sure they would make a killer burger. And for a restaurant in the Boston area it was so, so inexpensive- $11 for two people. Not to mention, I love the colors and the general vibe in there. It’s super old school and I really enjoyed that about my experience eating there. It sort of reminded me of the diner from A Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff, but that might just be me. It was such a nice way to start off a Wednesday, and I will definitely be going back!

Song of the Week: “Close” by Nick Jonas

Last Friday, March 25th, all of my pop music people were freaking out over  the release of ex-boyband member Zayn Malik’s debut album. But on that very same day, a different ex-boyband member put out a new song that everyone has completely overlooked.

Nick Jonas (who I have loved since I was 12 years old) released his newest single “Close” ft. Tove Lo off of his upcoming album Last Year Was Complicated, which due out on June 10th.

This song has been stuck in my head since I first heard it 4 days ago– I have been humming it everywhere I go and I’m not even mad about it. I genuinely enjoy it that much.

I think lyrically, this song shows a different side than previous Nick Jonas hits, and I like that about it. It seems a little more vulnerable and relatable. But, I also like how it sounds so intense (with an intense video to match). It’s something I could dramatically dance to, and that’s something that I can appreciate. Even Tove Lo, who I’m not typically a fan of, sounds great on this track. It’s just a solid, catchy, well done pop hit.

All I have to say is, even at 12 years old I sure knew how to pick ’em because Nick J’s still got it.