On the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Body Positivity and Chicken Quesadillas

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If you pay attention to the fashion industry, or the entertainment industry, or just social media in general, there’s a good chance you’ve seen that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is tonight. Although guys pretend to “love” the Victoria’s Secret Show because of all the half-dressed models, we all know it’s really us ladies who are going to be the majority of people tuning in. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I wear bras, and I want to look at all the beautiful bras on that runway. Nothing wrong with that at all.

But with that comes a lot of potential negative thinking. I always see so many posts on social media from girls saying they wish they looked like one of the VS Angels, or that they wish they could be one. It’s totally fine to want to wear expensive underwear. Who doesn’t, really? But putting expectations like that on your body can be really harmful to your self image. I’ve heard the term “winning the genetic lottery” used to describe models before. And when it comes to body type, they really did just win the genetic lottery.

These people were born naturally thin and then take that natural thinness and work their asses off through exercise and diet to tone their bodies further. The truth of the matter is that even if I adopted the same diet and exercise routine as Kendall Jenner, I would never end up with the same body type as her, we were just born with different genes. She won the genetic lottery.

And just because she won doesn’t mean that I lost. That’s something everyone needs to keep in mind. I’m not going to start preaching the “all body types are beautiful” speech, because I know everyone has heard it before and I could literally go on forever. However, I truly believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and I think it applies here, I’m just not going to go on a rant about something people have heard a million times.

My point I’m trying to get at, and the reason I started to write this post in the first place is that everyone has moments of doubt about themselves. I was on Snapchat tonight, watching the VS Fashion Show Snapchat Story on my phone while I ate my dinner. I was watching all the models rush around backstage in their robes with hair and makeup all done and I was literally in my sweatpants eating a chicken quesadilla. And for a brief second, I felt bad about myself for eating a chicken quesadilla, because these models probably weren’t eating quesadillas.

Now, I consider myself to be relatively confident person, and I pretty quickly snapped out of my funk, but it wasn’t a great feeling. And it makes me sad to think about other people feeling this way, but not being able to snap out of it. Something to keep in mind is that there is no one to blame here. I can’t stress this enough: Don’t be harsh on the models. I have seen so many people insinuate that they think certain models are anorexic, etc, and that is so harmful to the models themselves, as well as to anyone who actually does suffer from anorexia, a serious disease. I think those comments likely come from a place of feeling inferior due to physical appearance, but people don’t realize the huge negative impact they could be having on the models and society. You are a person, and the models are people. Everyone has feelings and everyone’s feelings matter.

And while I’m preaching about being fair to the models, everyone needs to be fair to themselves too. Everyone has their own talents, and I’m sure you can all do something better than a supermodel. (You might even have a better runway walk, who knows? Give it a try sometime (it’s fun)). We all have good things going for us. That’s how I got out of my quesadilla-funk. I’m typically pretty confident and I know that I have a lot of great qualities as a person: I’m smart, driven, and loyal. I’m also going to a great college, doing well in my classes, have a supportive network of family and friends, and most days I feel pretty good about myself. And do you know what I did when I thought about all this? I finished that quesadilla.

Because honestly, I know it is probably really fun to be an Angel. But I know I’m never going to be one, and that’s ok. That’s not my dream, never has been. It’s just a thought that comes into my head only around this time of year. There’s always that sliver of self doubt brought on by this fashion show, and it’s something I’ve never articulated.

So to anyone who may read this, just remember that you are beautiful, you are smart, you are so talented and you are doing just fine. Behind all the makeup and hair and expensive bras, all of these models are just regular people.

Although the VS Fashion Show doesn’t air on TV until December 8th, from now until that point there will be pictures and videos all over the internet. And then after the show airs? More picture and videos in HD from different angles. That’s a lot of weeks of supermodels dominating your feed. It’s fine to look and it’s fine to admire, but just keep in mind that the models are them and you are you, and you’re both just living your lives doing the best you can.

And always finish the quesadilla.